Blackjack Players Fund Republican Party


If you have played blackjack in any of the Venetian Casinos around the world, or perhaps at the Sands in Macao (one of my favourite casinos in the world) you may be surprised to hear that you have been unknowingly funding the Republican Party in the USA. Of course this is entirely predicated on the fact that you lost money. If you won money then you can look away, but news that Sheldon Adelson, owner of these casinos, spent $150million funding various arms length but Republican backing groups is shocking.


His apparent aim was to unseat President Obama and to ensure that GOP took back control of Congress. Of course he was not doing it out of the goodness of his heart. There is always a motive and there seems to have been several potential motives here.

Adelson, whose fortune is estimated at $20 billion by Forbes magazine, is being investigated by the US Justice Department over how his casino network is operated, although there is no suggestion that he is personally at fault.  Then there is also the fact that the Republican Party seems to be implaccably against online gambling which might just be perceived as a threat to landbased casinos. This just might offer some comfort to someone who wishes to protect non-online gambling profits by killing legitimate online gambling businesses through (you guessed it) The Justice Department of the United States of America.

So by playing at the Sands in Macau, or any other Adelson owned casino, I have been unwittingly funding political lobbying in the USA which is intent on destroying my other favourite activity, playing blackjack online and I dont even live in the USA! Just a thought.