Online Casino Bonuses For Blackjack


We often get asked by real money players to try and arrange better bonuses for them with online casinos. So I thought it would be an interesting article to write where I explore the pros and cons of online casino bonuses and the role they play.

On the face of it bonuses look like really good things. The simple premise is that if I deposit $100 then I will receive another $100 to play with. You can't lose right? Wrong. Bonuses always come with conditions attached and they are designed with 2 purposes in mind. First of all, they are designed to catch your attention with an offer. In order to take up this offer you have to visit the website of the casino. The very fact of getting you to the casino in the first place, as opposed to another competing casino is considered to be one of the primary functions of any bonus offer. Even if you decide not to take up the bonus you are more likely to play on that casino than move to another.

Once you have decided to take up the bonus you have to make a deposit. So you can see immediately that the casino have your money already. This in itself is no bad thing but you really do need to read the terms and conditions which relate to the bonus before you decide to commit. Good online casinos are trustworthy in the sense that if you win and you comply with their terms and conditions they will pay you out. But it's those terms and conditions which invariably catch the players.

The second function of bonuses is to make you deposit with the casino under terms and conditions which make it extremely difficult for you to cash out. It is usual that there are play through conditions and in the case of blackjack these play through conditions are normally much much tougher than with other games such as slots. Online casinos rightly acknowledge that blackjack is in effect a 50-50 game with a slight house advantage. If they offer a bonus at all on blackjack, and many online casinos do not, it is likely that you would have to play through your deposit bonus at least 50 times before you are allowed to cash out. Let's be clear on this you cannot even cash out your original deposit if you have taken the bonus. There are sometimes other conditions attached to bonuses as well such as the need to play other games apart from blackjack. Our advice here is to read the terms and conditions very carefully before deciding whether to take the offer up or not.

Some of you may have heard the term bonus hunting. As mentioned above over the long haul blackjack is a 50-50 game with a slight house advantage. Most unsophisticated blackjack players pile in with high bets in the hope that they will win big in an early run and cash out. The effect of bonuses in this case is to force the player to carry on playing which is of course just what the casino wants because the higher turnover, the more likely it is that the casino will be in a winning position.

Bonus hunters, however, know that high turnover is their friend if they play to the minimum bet. Let's take an example. Let's say that we deposit $100 with a casino and that they give us $200 on top. The conditions that apply to the bonus are that there must be at least 50 times the play through of the bonus. This would equate to a turnover of $10,000. If the house edge is say 1%, then the losses on $10,000 of turnover should amount to $100. If we were playing minimum bet of $1 per hand 10,000 times then we should have eliminated all of the ups and downs of the game and our balance should now be $200, being the initial $100 deposit plus the $200 bonus less $100 losses, and we would have complied with the casinos terms and conditions. This is pure mathematics and all that's required is the patience to play 10,000 hands of blackjack to make $100 profit.

Online casinos are now wise to this kind of strategy which is why they limit their bonuses in terms of amount. Some bonus hunters are even resorting to the use of blackjack playing bots, and we have seen our fair share of these on this site even though it only a free game. Clearly leaving a bot to play perfect basic strategy for 10,000 hands is both efficient and would be more profitable than playing yourself in terms of use of time, but is very likely in breach of the casinos general terms and conditions and likely to result in forfeiture of any money in your account. Why give the casino the excuse not to cash you out?

Our advice to all players therefore is that bonuses are not all that they're cracked up to be. If you want a good session of blackjack, I would always recommend that you make a deposit without a bonus and which is therefore not subject to any terms and conditions. If you win you can withdraw the money without any delays. There is really only one reason why the casinos offer them in the 1st place!