Did Ben Affleck Learn To Count Cards At Blackjack.com?

The story of Ben Affleck being caught counting cards at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas broke in April this year. At first I thought that it was another public relations stunt.  You know the kind, the ones which benefit both Ben Affleck by keeping him in the public eye whilst at the same time giving the Hard Rock a bit of free exposure as well. To be honest it could still be the case but the story has resurfaced as Ben has defended his actions making clear that his opinion is that Card Counting is not cheating.  We here at Blackjack.com firmly agree with him on that point. But it got us thinking as well.


We know that Ben is a good poker player and the cross over between good blackjack players and good poker players is well documented. In short you have to have an approach to both games which allows you to assess probabilities. The difference between Blackjack and poker is that what has happened in previous hands can and will act as a guide to what is left in the shoe for players who know how to keep track. In poker the deck is shuffled after every hand. The actual process is not that complicated and anyone can learn how to count cards.  There is a wealth of information on the web about how to do it but that is the easy bit.

A good card counter has to train himself to automatically keep the count whilst playing perfect basic strategy. Long story short, this enables the player to keep his losses to a minimum until the shoe is in a position where the probabilities favour the player and at that point he can increase his bets to take advantage of this. There is really no way to achieve this level of skill other than playing hands of blackjack in a realistic setting, with the dealer timings and other players coming and going during play.

This got me thinking. It would be very easy for Ben to learn the theory of Card Counting anonymously but where could a big celebrity go to practise in realistic settings without drawing attention to himself or the risk of having a private coach spill the beans. There really is only one place which offers a free anonymous realistic card counting simulator and that is here at Blackjack.com. Of course I did a search on the database and there is no Ben Affleck in it but then I would not have expected there to be but there were some interesting signups in the first few months of the year with references to "Argo", "Ograman",  "Géza" and "Boldt," all of which could be hints at the real identity. At the end of the day we will never know but if I were a betting man.........