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Is online blackjack the saviour of the game?

It has long been known by casinos that the majority of blackjack players do not know what they are doing. Paradoxically, the popularity of blackjack as a table game is based entirely on the premise that the game is beatable and that it is the only game in the casino where a player can gain an edge over the house. This idea that the game is beatable (and it is) dates from the publication of "beat the dealer" by Edward Thorpe. This publication also rely on the wartime work of four clerks in the US military who worked out the optimum strategy (now known as basic strategy) using simple mechanical calculators. From this time on it became permanently lodged in the public mind that blackjack was the game to play casino regardless of skill level or knowledge.  

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Did Ben Affleck Learn To Count Cards At Blackjack.com?

The story of Ben Affleck being caught counting cards at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas broke in April this year. At first I thought that it was another public relations stunt.  You know the kind, the ones which benefit both Ben Affleck by keeping him in the public eye whilst at the same time giving the Hard Rock a bit of free exposure as well. To be honest it could still be the case but the story has resurfaced as Ben has defended his actions making clear that his opinion is that Card Counting is not cheating.  We here at Blackjack.com firmly agree with him on that point. But it got us thinking as well.

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Blackjack Players Fund Republican Party


If you have played blackjack in any of the Venetian Casinos around the world, or perhaps at the Sands in Macao (one of my favourite casinos in the world) you may be surprised to hear that you have been unknowingly funding the Republican Party in the USA. Of course this is entirely predicated on the fact that you lost money. If you won money then you can look away, but news that Sheldon Adelson, owner of these casinos, spent $150million funding various arms length but Republican backing groups is shocking.

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Online Casino Bonuses For Blackjack


We often get asked by real money players to try and arrange better bonuses for them with online casinos. So I thought it would be an interesting article to write where I explore the pros and cons of online casino bonuses and the role they play.

On the face of it bonuses look like really good things. The simple premise is that if I deposit $100 then I will receive another $100 to play with. You can't lose right? Wrong. Bonuses always come with conditions attached and they are designed with 2 purposes in mind. First of all, they are designed to catch your attention with an offer. In order to take up this offer you have to visit the website of the casino. The very fact of getting you to the casino in the first place, as opposed to another competing casino is considered to be one of the primary functions of any bonus offer. Even if you decide not to take up the bonus you are more likely to play on that casino than move to another.

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