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Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer

Click here to start the Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer. 

Before you start training there are a few things that you need to know about the options you can set.

Our basic strategy trainer is an integral part of our multiplayer blackjack game, so you have the choice whether to learn and perfect your basic strategy whilst having realistic blackjack fun with other players or to go to a table on your own and play multiple hands.

We recommend that you register with the site in order that all your settings are saved.

When you start the game you will find yourself in the lobby.  On the right hand side of your screen you will see the control panel with one of the options being "Trainers".  Roll your mouse over this and the options panel will slide into view. Under "Basic Strategy Trainer" you can now select any or all of the following options.

Show Correct Play

With this option selected, the correct choice button (Hit, Stand etc)  will pulse after a short time in order to give you a hint. Try to make your decision before it starts to pulse and you will start to learn basic strategy for the rule set you wish to play.

Correct My Strategy

With this option selected, the coach will send you a message if you make the wrong choice with what the correct decision should have been.  If you also have "Display Success Rate" selected then the correct strategy will be displayed within the control panel. You choose which method of correction you prefer.

Display Success Rate

With this selected, the game will keep track of how many choices on the initial hand you get right or wrong.  It will also give you the correct choice if you got it wrong and it will display a percentage score for as long as you wish to keep playing.  You can reset the scores by clicking on the basic strategy display at any time.

Enable Strategy Bonuses

With this selected, as an incentive to learn basic strategy, every time you get a decision correct you will receive a bonus in your fun money balance. In order to avoid confusion the game also keeps separate your bets and winnings from your bonuses (although you can still play the bonuses).  You can therefore keep track of your game profits or losses.  This will become very important later when you need to measure your card counting success.

Once you have made your selections, roll your mouse off the panel and it will slide away. You can then click on the table of your choice.  Please note that if you join a table with other users already playing you will not be able to set the rules and betting limits.

If you run out of chips, leave the table and visit the cashier by standing in front of it (its on the far left of the lobby).

Click here to start the blackjack basic strategy trainer.