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Everything For The Online Blackjack Player

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Blackjack LogoFind The Best Real Money Game.

You are here because you want to play blackjack. We have been here since 1995 and know the best places to play. We know the honest casinos, the ones which will pay you when you win and the ones whose customer services are polite and efficient. Whether you want to try the software before you deposit or you are ready to dive in and test your strategy theories, we have the recommended sites you will want to play at.

Blackjack LogoImprove Your Strategy.

Blackjack is the only game in the casino where the decisions that you make directly affect the outcome. It is not wholly a game of chance. It is also the only game where what has already happened has a material effect on what will happen later in the shoe. To be a successful player, you first need to learn blackjack basic strategy and you can then go on to master the various advantage techniques. In our section on basic strategy you can learn why the probabilities and mathematics matter and take your game to a whole new level.

Blackjack LogoLearn How To Count Cards

In our section on card counting you can learn the theories behind card counting and why and how it works. You can also learn some of the simple techniques which allow you to keep track of the cards as they are dealt. Its not nearly as daunting as you think it might be. You can even take one of the free interactive tutorials that come as part of "Blackjack World" which will take you step by step from absolute beginner to being able to gain advantage over the house with up to eight decks in play. You can do all of this in a realistic but fun multiplayer environment.

Blackjack LogoFree Online Entertainment

We have developed some of the most sophisticated online multiplayer games on the net. Blackjack World is our very own unique social multiplayer game. If you choose, you can just play multi-hand blackjack with the table rules you prefer. If you want to become a bit more involved, in your settings are switchable options which will enable the tutorial mode which can teach you basic strategy and card counting seamlessly without all of the normal hassle associated with mastering these advantages. You will learn these very sophisticated techniques through having fun. Just play the game and you will not only understand blackjack strategy and card counting but make friends along the way. Besides being a great learning tool, the game is immersive and we think it is the best free blackjack game on the planet bar none.  Don't take our word for it try it out by clicking here!

Blackjack LogoLearn How to Play and master the Various Rules

Beginners are often intimidated by a live Blackjack table in a casino. Online is the place to learn and play blackjack. Gain understanding of what the rule variations mean in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace with no one judging you. You can start straight away by watching our step by step video "how to play blackjack". You can get onto some of the free games with the different variations of Blackjack and learn their rules and you can play our multiplayer social game with any set of rules. Practise and have fun at the same time.

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Visit the forum for discussion of basic strategy, house edge, card counting and other advantage techniques or just get to know other blackjack players in the game or share your knowledge in the questions and answers section.

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