Play Blackjack Treasure

Click On Any Slide To Start Your Game 1
Start By Creating Your Avatar 2
Choose Your Dealer From The Lobby 3
Take Your Seat and Win Some Gold 4
Win Virtual Items and Wear, Consume, Sell, Send or Store Them 5
Visit The Shops and Buy Cars, Pets, Boats and Much Much More 6
Video Review 7

Blackjack Treasure is very intuitive, so feel free to jump right in by clicking on  Play Blackjack Treasure.

Things you need to know:

  1. To start the process of creating your avatar you need to click on the silouette on the toolbar on the right hand side of the game screen. The FIRST thing you must do is select the gender, which will enable the other options.
  2. Items drop in the game according to your blackjack play. Each item has a purpose. If you hover your mouse over the item in your inventory you can see the effect it has on your stats. You can reach your inventory by clicking on the character button. You can buy, sell, consume, wear and send your items.
  3. There are currently four game stats:
  • Luck - affects the probability of items dropping
  • Business - affects the amount of gold you receive for jobs
  • Prestige - unlocks higher level tables
  • Ambition - affects the rate of progression through levels

You can search our Game Directory by clicking the menu button on the left of the screen which will give you access to a list of items, dealers and shops

You can search for other players on our site by clicking on the Find a Player menu button on the left side of the screen.

If you find you are stuck and need further information regarding the game and how to play then you can click on the About the Game menu button on the left of the screen which will take you into more a more detailed explanation about the game.

Alternatively, you will find lots of comment and discussion in the Forum and also members comments on all of the items and dealers pages.